"Any true progress that can be made as human beings starts with bettering ourselves as individuals, only then can we come together to work in harmony." - Kaiya

Melbourne-born Kaiya grew up writing her life into lyrics. While Turkish music was the theme of her household, hip-hop captured her heart early on in life. Along her journey Kaiya has explored the roots of hip-hop, 50-60s jazz, neo soul and contemporary R&B, ultimately finding her musical home within hip-hop and its sub-genres. She is inspired by the likes of Frank Ocean, Miguel and Ella Fitzgerald.

Writing lyrics is what comes most naturally to Kaiya in the creation process but is self taught in the use of logic pro and has also completed an Ableton production course to support herself in being a more active member in the creation process of her music. Kaiya says that although she would like to be able to do it all herself she deeply appreciates how music engineers/producers refine their craft and the magic that collaboration can bring.

Through her journey Kaiya has learnt the value doing what you love to do and says it directly correlates with the over all quality of her life. Kaiya’s intention is to inspire others to feel how she feels when she creates and performs, to inspire them to find their version of that and their source of that feeling, no matter what that looks like for them. Kaiya believes that if we all just did a little more of what we love to do and a lot less of what we think we should do the world would be a better place, she speaks from experience after leaving her university degree just one year before graduating to pursue her music full time.

Beginning piano lessons at a young age, she passed her exams purely by ear: when she hears a piece of music, she can often feel where the notes will be on the piano. Kaiya is also a technically trained ballet and hip-hop dancer; her training has taught her how to form relationships with the music she writes, and she often stops to dance when creating a new song.

Immersed in Melbourne’s hip hop scene, Kaiya has performed at events like the Get Down. She believes Melbourne is full of talent and is excited to see her fellow artists flourish. With the recent release of her first single Introspect (written in response to Melbourne’s lockdown laws) she is eager to announce her solo performance dates and upcoming album.



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