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"There is finally light at the end of the Melbourne lockdown tunnel, and local artist Kaiya has just the track to carry you over the last few hurdles. "
-Mira Sertario, Live Wire AU

The current global pandemic and challenging lockdowns sees emerging Melbourne-based artist Kaiya channel her energy into the release of a stellar debut single titled ‘Introspect‘.
-Timothy Thorpe, The Local Frequency

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Strewn with relevance and relatability, it’s no surprise ‘Introspect’ was bedroom written and recorded. There’s an honesty and authenticity to the track that consolidates its compassionate identity.
-Tom Parker, Beat Magazine


Introspect is Kaiya’s debut single which she wrote in response to Melbourne’s stage 4 lock down laws. She felt inspired to use the opportunity to lighten the perspective of her community through her art. She believes that with a little encouragement and support from each other, we can come out of this stronger than we went in.

“When I gazed out at the city I almost felt a sense of relief that it was finally on pause.


"We’re always trying to go somewhere and to just be there in silence with no beeping of cars was magical.”
- Kaiya, on Melbourne’s stage 4 lock down

Introspect serves as a reminder on various ways we can overcome the challenges of lock down, suggesting that we look within and accept our feelings non judgmentally. Kaiya shares that writing Introspect felt like a remedy for her own worries, as if she was talking to herself through her own lyrics. The heartwarming intention paired with the soul swing of her style is a delight to listen to and a great way to pull ourselves out of our worries. Introspect was written and recorded from Kaiya’s bedroom during stage 4 lock down and says she is very excited to see how Introspect may help others experiencing similar challenges to her during lock down.

Kaiya released Introspect with a lyric video and music video. The lyric video was designed by Melbourne graphic designer Jack Shand and shows her sitting above the city in contemplation, Kaiya says she wanted to capture a feeling and a moment. “There were so many times where I felt free of all the fear by just sitting somewhere silently” she says. Kaiya recorded and edited her official music video in her bedroom during lock down and aimed to capture all the things she did in a challenging day of isolation, the links to each practice featured in the video are in the description of the YouTube release.

Kaiya concludes, “I truly believe there’s a higher reason to it. Whatever is happening has to be accepted whole heartedly or it’s just a matter of living in resistance to life. Any true progress that can be made as human beings starts with bettering ourselves as individuals, only then can we come together to work in harmony. That’s what I believe this time is for.”