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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

I grew up watching women I admired jump from one diet to another in the name of weight loss. I was left so confused each time I sat happily munching on my plate full of delicious food, while I watched them pick at their boring looking salad in disgust. Why did they do it? As I grew up I learnt things that were very wrong about health and body image, I learnt that being healthy meant looking good and that looking good meant being thin.

In my early teens I was naturally thin as a result of all my dancing and swimming and so ate whatever I wanted to freely with little to no side affects on my weight. As a result of my backwards understanding of health, I was under the impression that I was healthy because I was thin. Yet after almost every meal I'd be bloated and left feeling heavy, lethargic and tired - something I'd come to believe was a "normal" side affect of eating. After years of unconscious consumption, low energy levels, fainting/dizzy spells, nausea, my bodies frequent rejection and reaction to fruit, intense mood swings, cramps and acid reflux, my body reached it's limit in my early 20's resulting in my gaining of 17kgs. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and if my body didn't physically show me the effects that my eating habits were having on it, I might never have realised the importance of giving my body a break every once in a while.

I'm now coming on my 5th year of research and practice of healthy diet habits, inspired by my desire to be healthy and happy not to "look good". It's important to mention that because I believe intention is everything. I tried fad diets and detoxes for years trying to lose weight and "look good" but got nowhere. I only began gaining happiness and naturally shedding excess weight once I accepted my body as it was, ate like I loved myself and truly cared about and listened to my bodies unique needs.

Medical Medium's 9 Day Liver Detox

I can't help but trust fall into Anthony William's detoxes because in the case that it "doesn't work", all I've done is eat a shit tonne of whole foods and that's totally fine by me. I always come out of Medical Medium detoxes not only feeling physically healthier but mentally too. My favourite thing about detoxing is the liberation from my programmed habits, the awareness I gain over my subconscious and the ability to embrace parts of myself I'd usually deny. "Your liver is an amazing, powerful and hardworking organ. When it’s not doing well—that’s a big part of the root of just about every condition and symptom under the sun. Basically, we’re all born with livers that are already weakened, because a lot of toxins are actually passed down the family line. We inherit them at conception and in the womb. And then our livers are barraged by a wide range of toxins throughout the entire course of our lives because of the imperfect modern world we live in." - Anthony William (Medical Medium) The detox revealed to me how the pleasure of eating can often bandaid the pain of being a human being. I spent a few unsalted and un-oiled meals contemplating the parts of my life experience that I do my best to ignore and deny. It was really uncomfortable. I felt less inclined to escape my pains and more supported in peering behind the curtain that usually kept them hidden from me. The mental detox was the most difficult to overcome for me personally, as my body purged its toxins, my mind purged its thoughts. As I worked through the thoughts that tempted me to order uber eats and give up in the name of "being happy", I was able to identify that my idea of being happy was a little warped. While there's nothing wrong with ordering uber eats it was the intention behind it (to escape the pain and discomfort of my current life situation) that was imbalanced. The detox reminded me that various forms of pain are a natural part of our lives and when we experience them, the best thing we can do is support a healthy environment for its expression and eventual release. Escaping pain doesn't result in sustainable happiness and pain doesn't have to result in escape.

Detox Summary

Th detox is 9 days long and broken into 3 day blocks. In the first 3 days we're asked to start the morning with 500ml of lemon water, avoid gluten, dairy, eggs, lamb, pork products and canola oil entirely, reduce normal consumption fo radical fats by 50% (eg. half an avocado instead of whole) and only stick to one serve of meat per day for meat eaters (only at dinner to allow the liver to rest as much as possible). Day 4 asks us to continue our habits on for the next 3 days but to introduce 500ml of celery juice after the lemon water, cut out radical fats entirely and consume an unholy amount of apples, brussels sprouts and asparagus (apparently miracle workers for the liver) at lunch and dinner. In the last 2 days we're encouraged to add a second celery juice mid afternoon and on the last day stick completely to liquids (juice, tea, water). It's also outlined very clearly that under no circumstance are you to leave yourself hungry and to ensure you eat as much as need to feel full. That's my very brief summary of the detox but if it's something you're considering, I highly suggest buying the book or e-book to ensure your educated correctly on the requirements of making this experience a healthy one for you.

Notes I took while reading the book:

  • If ever you've gone a whole busy day without time to eat and the blood sugar you got from your last meal begins to drop, it's your liver that releases glucose from its reserves that keep you going.

  • Your liver is like your third brain, alongside your body's second brain the thyroid, it's a memory organ. If on the first Friday of every month you go out with your friends and treat yourself with drinks, chicken wings and tiramisu, your liver remembers when your splurge day is and prepares ahead of time. If your eating habits are seem unpredictable, your liver tracks the sporadic nature of this behaviour. So what may seem like a random food choice to you, for example without realising it downing a double bacon cheeseburger on the first cold day of the year, it likely fits into a pattern that your liver has recorded over years and years.

  • When your liver is supported it has the ability to release and withhold at will. If you get cold, it will warm you, if you get hot, it will cool you. If you run a marathon, your liver will release every last bit of glucose to get you to the finish line. If you drink too much water and dilute your blood composition, your liver will absorb the excess water like a sponge. If you breathe in cigarette smoke your liver will absorb the smokes chemicals from your blood stream. If you eat a big juicy steak with French fries, your liver will break down the denatured omega-6's and trans fatty acids to protect you. If you're swimming in the ocean and a big wave takes you out to sea, your liver will release its storage banks of adrenaline to give you superhuman strength and a chance at saving yourself. (That last one really wowed me.)

  • The liver performs thousands of functions, the most critical being processing fats and protecting the pancreas, storing glucose, glycogen, vitamins and minerals. Disarming and detaining harmful materials, screening and filtering blood and guarding you with its own personalised immune system.

  • Fructose intolerance has everything to do with the liver. The more toxic your liver is, the more it may appear that you're "fructose intolerant". The liver desperately needs fruit sugar to restore itself and defend itself from pathogens. Because fruit is so purifying just one apple can cleanse your liver in more ways than anyone realises, and all those poisons leaving can cause detox reactions and symptoms that confuse both patience and practitioner into believing the apple is "bad" for them.

  • While the brain has amazing adaptive abilities, its flexibility is conditional. The liver is the only organ in your body that's truly adaptogenic.

  • The liver rests with you and wakes up 2-3 hours before your to get prepared for the day ahead.

*Please do your own research as this was the information that resonated most with me.*

If you'd like to delve deeper into detoxing please don't hesitate to send me a message and I'd be happy to share more of my findings with you. The simplest and most powerful way to care for your health is to listen to your body! P.S New music is on it's way ; ) _______________________________________________________________________________ All photos taken by @dolce.ricordi

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